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Simple accessories to organize the gadget-chaos at home

An connected and smart home has a lot of wires around. Here are some ways to hold the wires and remotes Continue reading

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Microsoft Planned To Make Windows Mobile Into Wacom Like Graphic Tablets?

Recently surfaced Microsoft patent shows ability to use a Windows Phone as a Wacom like graphics tablet input device Continue reading

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Lenovo Reaches Out To Indian Bloggers

Lenovo hosted a Blogger’s meet in Bombay, here’s what happened. Continue reading

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AMD+ATI+CoD4=Gaming Heaven

Some images of AMD+ATI’s promotional setup at our college tech fest. Continue reading

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Can’t Afford The Car, Get The Phone

Here is a small list of cell phones sporting car manufacturers brand names, lamborgini, ferrari, mclaren, porsche. Some really decent * some really bad phones. Continue reading

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