So the guys behind these stupid sites have done what one would expect them to do. I got an email today at one of my email id with the subject: “Thank you for registering with”. Now the only problem was that I haven’t visited this dumb site EVER! Forget creating an account. Me has no intentions of finding a jeevan saathi at least not until the next couple of years. I left it during the day as I was on my cell phone & thought I’d look into it when I go home.

The funny thing is that when I got back home, I saw there was another mail from the faggots titled: “Seven steps to get married” urging me to complete my profile on their site. Sure, thanks. But fuck you a-holes I haven’t even created an account on your site. I decided to have a look at their thank you for registration mail & found very interesting registration details: fraud

The user id & password made me realize the trick these guys are up to. They are creating dummy accounts based on your email ids with serial nos. like UXU0 blah blah user ids, your name as password & sending you confirmation mails! Seriously? You guys are so desperate to get us married?

The only possibility is some other service is selling my details to these fools & they are creating my account. Either way this is internet abuse. Unacceptable. Period.