Who Am I


Hi, I am and I’m known as iMav or mAV3 on many forums, and am Electronics & Telecomm grad (though don’t ask anything, this stuff is gibberish).

I have a very big mouth which my highly opinionated brain makes immense use of for being subtly sarcastic. I can be careless to the point of being in-sensitive. Sarcastic & being mean1 are some qualities that people often use to describe me.

An author I am not and to be honest don’t like typing either, reading as a hobby is an answer to only make me sound cool (and this can be attributed to the academic books that I have been subjected to).

Debating, arguing & MUNning are somethings that I love, if you’re upto the challenge pick up a topic of your choice and I will give you a run for your money (be assured that this phrase does not mean that I will steal your money and then make you run behind me). Manan according to the Hindu religion means – deep in thought, it surprises me how just a word can reflect an individual. I’m true to my name.

This site is an Integration of random thoughts over a gradient vector – me and if you don’t understand what this means, waste 4 years of your life doing engineering you just might get a clue, it took me 3 years to get a vague idea of it means.

I’ve been a Microsoft MVP awardee for 3 years, was the founding editor for The Next Web’s Microsoft channel, currently write about Indian IT on ZDNet and also an editor at Techie Buzz.

The software I use, the music I listen to and the gadgets I own.

  1. unkind or unfair; vicious or aggressive