Recently, I have a new found love for some selected Hindi (bollywood) tracks, Tashan Mein is a song that I like & add to that my love for Microsoft, weird ideas come :D This is what I came up with this time:

All wallpapers are 1280×1024.

Mera Windows, Mera Tashan:


A request by Milind made me make a version with the hindi text but without the icons:

I also made a special edition for replacing the Windows logo with their site logo:


Yeh mera tashan :D

Apni toh baat nirali, jeena toh jeena, tashan mein, tashan mein, tashan mein, tashan mein.

PS: This is going to be my last post, for season 1 of this blog, exams coming up so not sure whether I will be able to write something.